Bollywood dance

What is Bollywood dance?

Bollywood dance is, like all Indian dance forms, about storytelling. The songs are from the movies and have a specific motif — for example, a celebration song, a seduction song, a love song, a song of sadness. So when you dance it out, you are dancing to the words and mood. Different songs are used at different occasions … for example there are tons of wedding songs, you can hear the most popular among them being played at every Indian wedding!

Bollywood dance is a fusion of several dance styles; e.g.: Indian classical, Indian folk, belly dance, jazz, hip hop and everything else you can imagine…

Anyone can dance to the Bollywood music. As it is a fusion, there are a lot of steps which are quite universal, and then we just add in the Bollywood touch of Indian hands or the eyes. At the beginner level, it is a very simple dance style to learn.

Bollywood dance makes you happy. It is definitely the most fun way to get fit. It also allows you a moment to escape into a fantasy land.